Cheshire Mini Sportive

Cheshire Mini Sportive
Cheshire Mini Sportive




HQ - Poynton Leisure Centre Yew Tree lane Poynton, Cheshire. SK12 1PU

Registration opens at 8.00 am

In registration your name will be on the start sheets on the tables. Look for your name and number.

You will be given your number . You do not need to sign anything. You have already signed on during the online entry system

It would be helpful if you checked the website to day before the event, we will publish the entry list along with your number. If you check what number you have been allocated and tell them in registration it would speed things up.

If you are entering on the day you need to download an entry form and the revelent Route Card. Bring the completed form signed and with the correct fee to ON THE DAY registration desk. You will be given a number.


Numbers must be attached to your handlebars for timing purposes. If your number is not on your handlebars you may be missed from the results.

Plesase do not attach the number to your head tube or obstruct the barcode as we will not be able to scan it and you will not get a time.

Start Time - 9.00 am It normally takes us half an hour to get everybody through the start. 


Start list is now available on the website, it would speed things up if you could check what number you have been allocated and let them know in registration.

Please make sure that you pass through the start and finish once and make sure your number is scanned.

When the times are posted on the website on the Monday is will give you an overall time, it does not deduct anytime that you might spend at the feeding station or any other stops you might make.

Results will be posted on the website on Monday

There is a large car park at the Poynton Leisure Centre and also next door at the school and at the Primary School just around the corner. There is a walk way back to the HQ. You will be directed by the Leisure Centre Staff

Please where posssible car share so that we can allow as many people to ride the event as would like

On our last event some cars were give tickets by the police for being illegally parked. There is plenty of parking at the Leisure Centre, The School and the over flow car park at Primary School around the corner.
If you do decide to park on the road outside please make sure you are not illegally parked or are blocking the driveways of the residents. The police will be on the look out and any cars illegally parked will recieve a ticket and could be towed away

This is a great venue, Keith, Andy and the rest of the staff at the Leisure Centre and Cheshire Police do a excellent job accomodating us. We don`t want to lose it.

Participents take part in the event at entirley at their own risk.
Participents should follow instructions from the marshals
The ride is run under British Cycling Cyclosportive Rules.
Participants will be responsible for the roadworthiness of their own cycle.
You must obey all Highway Code Rules. You are requested to ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time. Please be aware of your fellow cyclists and other traffic. Please indicate your intention to stop or change direction.

This is a great circuit and we would like to use it again next year. Please show courtesy and respect for other road users. A cheery wave and a smile works wonders

There are toilets at the start and finish. There are also Public toilets around the circuit marked on the maps.

The route is marked by signage. A black arrow on an Flourescent yellow background.We wil be marking the roads with a red arrow. We also have a support vehicle that proceeds the riders replacing missing signs. Hopefully we can keep everyone on track.

Please study you maps and make sure you know where the routes split. They will be clearly marked but it is easy to miss them especially if you are following riders in front who maybe be doing a different distance

ROUTE CARDS are available now to download off the website. You can also download them onto your phone. There are interactive maps on the website to familarise yourself with the route. We also have downloadable GPS files available from the Bikeroute toaster website.

We are also on STRAVA now. Anyone who has a Garmin Computer or Iphone can download the Free APP and check your progress.

If you look on the right hand side of the website and click on the route map, it will open up into a new window. Click on the map title top left hand corner, this will take you to the Bikely website, Click on SHARE there is a drop down menu with the downloads.



The first feeding station is also the where the split is for the 30 and 60 mile routes. Riders on the 30 mile event go left, riders on the 60 mile event go right

It is the responsibility of each participant to take the correct course. Participants are required to carry traditional map based route instructions.

All competitors are advised to wear a safety helmet to ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards

You may not use your mobile phone while riding. You must stop at the side of the road if you need to make or receive a call.

Having a mobile phone with you on the ride is encouraged. It is usefull if you get lost or need to be picked up by the support vehicles

Torelli Cycling Club will provide fluid and food at designated feed stations. This is intended only as a top up. You are encouraged to take enough
food and fluid for the full distance of the event.

The roads around Cheshire are in the main very good quality however there are pot holes in places due to the winter weather please look out for them. If you are riding in a group shout out warnings to the riders behind.

Most of the route is on quiet country lanes with just a few Main roads. Please take care

We have had a lot of rain in recent weeks and there is a lot of standing water at the road sides. We are using country lanes so please be aware that there may also be mud on the roads which will be slippy when wet.


We have had to make a slight detour for riders on the 60 mile route as you approach the village of Marton we were going to take the left turn off Marton Hall Lane into Bunce Lane. There is a lot of mud on Bunce Lane so we will continue along Marton Hall Lane until you hit the main road then turn left it will take you back onto the original route. It does not add anything to the distance.

The weather at this time of year can be unpredictable please dress accordingly. We do now have a twitter feed. If you follow the event we can give you any last minute information.

There is a feeding station at approximately 15 miles this is intended for the riders on the 30 mile route but anyone can stop and refuel. The second feeding station is in Lach Denis approximately 30 miles into the 60 mile route

Under 18's must have the consent of a parent or guardian and be accompanied by a nominated adult at all times whilst on the ride.
It`s a FREE ENTRY to all U16`s this year as long as you are accompanied by an adult.

It is advised that all riders must carry a form of identification showing their name, address and contact details of person to be advised in the eventuality
cases of an accident. It is also advised that all participants carry enough food, drink, money and extra clothing to complete the ride being under taken,
taking into account the route and possible adverse weather conditions.

There are support vehicles on the ride. If you need to be picked up call the organisers tel: number below. If you need to be picked up please make a note of your position, idealy two road names so that we can see exactly where you are.

Mechanical failure or cannot continue. You can also stop at the feeding stations if you have any problems and they will bring you back to the HQ.
If you are in any doubt about the condition of your bike go and see one of the companies before the start who are offering bike service and they will do their best to sort your bike out.

Marshals are there to help they are not allowed to stop the traffic you are responsible for your own actions at junctions throughout the ride.

Organisation Phone Number Tel: 07429530151

In case of an emergency please ring 999

There is Free Hot Drinks and Fruit cake after the event.

I would just like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable ride.